Finding a job can be a daunting task, especially if it’s your first “real” job. The art of distinguishing yourself has become challenging in this digital world where not much impresses people anymore. Job hunting thus has returned to the tried and true skills that have been in practice successfully for decades.

Missouri Welding Institute is passionate about helping our welding students find the job of their dreams. We do this by equipping students with job search techniques and skills that work, while incorporating 21st century practices into our welding program. Below, we’ll discuss some of the necessary job search skills we believe is important to help you find a job as a welder. Contact us today to get started!


Writing a Winning Resume

The internet has not eliminated the fact that most employers still make a decision on who to interview based off your resume. They look at your education, job experience, and other activities to try to gauge what kind of person you are before they offer you an interview. Employers may receive hundreds of resumes for one position so getting noticed is a challenge. Missouri Welding Institute will help you write a winning resume that will put your best foot forward and get you the interview.

Interview Skills

The interview is what will determine whether you get the job. How well you connect with the interviewer, how well you present yourself, and how well you sell yourself ultimately not only on the job, but also on your fit within the company culture is what will determine if you get a job offer. Some things to remember for the interview include:

  • Shake hands. Don’t make this bone-crushing, not limp. Find a happy medium with a firm yet gentle hand shake.
  • Eye contact. Staying engaged during the entire interview is important. You want to connect with your interviewer, which you do through eye contact.
  • Have your elevator pitch memorized. This is usually one of the first questions asked, which goes something like this: “Why do you want to work for X company?” or “Why do you want this position?” You need to be able to articulate in under one minute your why. The more original and unique this is (which means personalize it with fun facts about yourself), the better.
  • Have your weakness memorized. “Name one of your weaknesses” has become a standard job interview question. We all have weaknesses, but perhaps confessing that you are a road rager who regularly gets angry while driving (in fact, you did while driving to the interview) is not the way to answer this question. Missouri Welding Institute emphasizes that the key to answering your weakness question is to pick one that’s not all that bad, that is universal, and that is easy to overcome. Examples include patience and talking too much.
  • Prepare the inevitable “tell me about a time” question. Most of us dread these questions, especially when interviewing for a job position you have little-to-no job experience in. Again, like in our previous point, the goal is to pick something that is not all that bad and that was easy to overcome. Even some example from life work if you don’t have one work-related due to limited job experience.
  • Know the company inside and out. You can bet that your interviewer has already viewed your online social media profiles before offering you a job interview. Now, you need to do the same with your potential employer before the interview. Know what the company does, how many employees work there, their history and story, and why you’d be a good fit. The last thing you want to do is to be asked a basic question about the company that anyone who had visited the company’s website would know, and you don’t have an answer.
  • Ask questions. At the end of every interview, you are given an opportunity to ask questions. You need to ask questions here. The biggest mistake is to not ask anything. Usually, the job interview itself will spark questions, but even if it doesn’t, you can ask the interviewer personal questions, such as what’s their favorite part about the company, how long have they been there, and where do they see the company headed.
  • Follow up with some sort of thank you. If you hand write a thank you letter, Missouri Welding Institute can almost guarantee you will be the only one to do so and will leave a great impression. At the very least, email a thank you to your interviewer. Courtesy and grace are great qualities employers look for in potential employees.


The tried and true practice to landing a job is networking. Networking is finding a job through someone else that you know or who agrees to recommend you. Networking is also the process of building these professional relationships throughout your career. Missouri Welding Institute maintains a tight group of our graduates who love to help fellow graduates find employment opportunities. Many agree to be references and mentors when asked. Effective networking will open doors, make you more visible, expand your support network, and give you fresh ideas for the future.


There’s a reason it’s called job skills and interview skills. A skill is something acquired with practice. Hence, you’ll need to practice your interview skills and your job hunting skills in order to gain proficiency. Missouri Welding Institute recommends you find a friend who can act as an interviewer. Furthermore, practice applies to looking for jobs as well. With so many job boards and online applications, it can be a lot to shift through. However, with practice, you’ll learn what to apply for and what not to apply for.

Navigating the Online Realm

From your social media presence to job boards, much of your welding job search will take place in the virtual world. You’ll need to be cognizant of what you are posting to your personal social media posts in order to put your best foot forward. You also need to manage your professional online profiles as well. Missouri Welding Institute believes you’ll definitely need a LinkedIn profile since it is believed that over 90% of recruiters use this tool when looking for potential job candidates.

Fake It Till You Make It Attitude

Fake it till you make it has more to do with attitude than anything else. The premise ties together a lot of new world thinking, such as living in the present moment, as well as the power of positive thought and your mind to create what it desires. However, whether you subscribe to those beliefs or not, the idea of being confident, exuding competence in all that you do, and having an optimistic mindset will do wonders for your attitude and your life. It has its roots in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which teaches that you are able to change your behavior.

Missouri Welding Institute likes to look at it this way: the alternative is to live a victim mentality, downtrodden, sullen, and full of sorrow and misery as you believe the whole world is against you. To us, the choice is clear as to who will have the better life and the better welding career.


It’s important to not get overwhelmed while searching for your dream welding job. It can be frustrating and disappointing, especially when you don’t get the job you were hoping to get. However, just approach each new day as it comes and realize that the job for you is out there; you just have to keep looking for it to appear like the pot of gold under a rainbow after a spring storm.

Missouri Welding Institute is the best welding certification program in the country. From our expert teaching staff of professional welders to our amazing welding program and welding courses, campus housing opportunities, and great location in Nevada, Missouri Welding School’s welding courses and certification programs will prepare you for your dream welding job, and we’ll help you 100% of the way. With an abundance of hands-on training, as well as an acquirement of all the welding knowledge you will need to successfully create welds, joints, and killer building projects, we are confident that you will leave our program fully prepared for your new welding job.


Missouri Welding Institute is passionate about helping you with welding job placement services. We maintain contacts with a wide variety of employers both in Missouri and nationwide who love to hire our welding students. We hold quarterly job fairs right here on our Nevada campus for you to meet prospective employers, learn more about their companies, and start to build your network or connections.

As part of our welding program, you will meet with one of our staff in our placement department and just hash out what exactly are your goals for our welding program and for your future opportunity. If you don’t know, that’s okay! The point of these sessions is to help you brainstorm and discover what part of welding excites you the most. This process also helps us find you employment in the welding industry since we can then find the perfect match for you.

Missouri Welding Institute’s placement department actively searches for jobs for you. We also have exclusive job posts that is available only to current welding students. We place our welding students both in the United States and abroad. From helping you with your job search as well as providing you support with tips and tricks for interviews, our employment rate after you graduate from our welding program is stellar. Contact us today for your free information packet on our welding programs today!