It is our pleasure to welcome you to the newly redesigned website. We hope you will find it full of useful information about continuing or beginning your welding career.


Founded in 1994, our campus has grown by leaps and bounds over the last quarter century. Beginning as a modest facility with 13 booths and a total enrollment of only 34 students. Our humble beginnings and high quality welding instruction have led us to the 25,000 square foot training facility that we enjoy today. Nothing short of state of the art, our shop and labs represent the industry in real time. The welding industry changes year after year and we strive to train our students using the latest welding technology. The main shop is equipped with 84 AC/DC arc welders capable of welding with SMAW (stick) and GTAW (Tig/Heliarc). In addition to our industry standard welders we also offer a wide variety of equipment that graduates will see in the field. Machines such as:

  • 56 Articulated Clean Air Retrieval Arms
  • 4 Superimposed High Frequency Arc Welders
  • 12 Hand Operated Cutting Torches
  • 5 Semi-automatic Plate Cutter and Beveler
  • 12 Grinding stations
  • 8 Pipe Beveling Machines
    • Guided Bend Testing Machine (destructive testing)
    • Aluminum Spool Gun
    • Plasma Cutting Torch
    • Chop Saw
    • Overhead Projector
    • Library consisting of approximately 120 volumes related to welding, inspection, blueprint reading, etc…
    • Pipe Model 20ft x 20ft x 10ft
    • Bulk Argon System for GTAW

Please check out our campus gallery images for a complete picture of our campus, or better, yet, pay us a visit and see for yourself!


The number one goal of the Missouri Welding Institute is to train and nurture the next generation of welders. We take great pride in training some of the best in the industry and instill a sense of pride of workmanship and integrity into our welding program. Not only are MWI graduates ready for real world work, some of our graduates are invited back to teach welders the skills they have learned in out in the field. We believe that this allows us to remain one of the most consistent welding training programs in the country. Through our values and continued support of our alumni, we are proud to pass our values onto our graduates.


The first thing to ask yourself when considering a welding training program is, “Will this fit my needs?” Not every, campus, program, or location is going to be right for everyone. The success of your individual program depends on your compatibility with the campus and the curriculum. That is why we encourage prospective students to visit the campus and see if it is the right fit. Upon making your decision to enroll in MWI, it is encouraged that you contact our admissions department if you have any questions regarding your application. Keep in mind that a $100 application fee is required before your application will be processed. Upon admission you will be able to choose a variety of student housing options and will elect a curriculum path to follow throughout your time at MWI.


As with many welding schools, you will choose a course pathway that you will follow through your program. Of course, you can elect to follow more than one discipline, but your tuition will reflect the additional credits. The programs are as follows:


Master Pipe Welding and Fitting

The pipe welding election is exceptional if you are wanting to pursue a career in the energy industry, manufacturing, or installation trades. Pipe welders are always in high demand and can easily work in a wide variety of environments. Consisting of 720 hours of instruction, the master pipe welding completion culminates in a diploma and welder performance certification papers once completed.


Master Structural Welding and Fitting

The structural discipline will prepare you for a wide variety of positions in the welding industry. Structural welders are in high demand in construction, manufacturing, and industrial sectors of the job market. Upon completion of 440 hours of training, a diploma and welder performance certification will be issued to the student.


Custom Welding Course

If you are already a qualified welder, you are eligible for the custom course program. This section consists of a custom tailored series of welding classes specifically designed to attain the goals of the student. We like to think that our custom program enhances the knowledge of an already accomplished welder. Continuing education is the key to staying ahead in this fast moving industry.

What’s Next?

As we have outlined, the process is pretty simple, the hard part is deciding whether or not you want to put in the work to achieve your goals. Due to the high quality of our current students and alumni, we have turned out some of the most talented welders in the industry and with the right amount of dedication to the craft you can be one of those elite individuals. It doesn’t matter where you are in your career path, whether you are just out of high school or received your GED, we can train you to excel as a welding professional. No matter how old you are it is never too late to start a new career as a welder. The only limitation is how hard you are willing to work for it. For more information about a potential career path, and an overview of our programs, please contact us today or simply stop by the campus for a visit. Your future looks bright with Missouri Welding Institute.