1. Love the school!

    Greatest welding school in the nation. Love the school!…Read More

    Aaron Spease
  2. Great instructors and great environment!

    Best welding school on the nation! Attending now, and I'd go no where else! Great instructors and great environment! 5 out of 5 stars!…Read More

    David Bowers
  3. Great job placement, great people and school all around!

    Awesome school and awesome teachers! Doing anything and everything to make there students better. They have all the tools needed to get the job done and more. My skills increased traumatically after attending this school. All 4 1/2 months was worth it, great job placement, great people and school al…Read More

    Noah Fox
  4. I’m blessed to have this opportunity

    I'm 43 years old and have never welded ....I'm on my 3rd week and am highly impressed with everything I've experienced ..especially my instructor..Steve..very motivational and patient at the same time....class room experience is also a pluss...these instructors are very well informed and know how to…Read More

    Quincy Rhodes New
  5. 10/10

    Best instructors and i wont ever regret going 10/10…Read More

    Connor Wilson
  6. One of the best decisions of my life!

    I am graduating MWI tomorrow morning, and I have to say this was one of the best decisions of my life! I furthered my skill and education in the welding field. The instructors are helpful and the course is extremely useful! If you use your time wisely and make good/adult decisions, you can get a lot…Read More

    Chanse Frehse
  7. Wonderful instructors and staff

    My son is finishing up his time there, he loves it and so do I. Wonderful instructors and staff…Read More

    Amber Beasley Jett
  8. Thank you MWI, it was a very awesome experience

    Missouri Welding Institute was the best choice I’ve made for myself thus far. The instructors are great at what they do and I couldn’t thank them enough for every piece of information I was given (especially Kaleb Rook, who was my instructor). I’m definitely not the best but I’m so so much b…Read More

    Aliciaa Marie Maldonado
  9. They make you feel like you are home

    I miss every thing about this school.. It has change my life and made me a better person... I hope more people go to school there... They make you feel like you are home Thanks Everyone...…Read More

    Delbert E Washington
  10. Awesome Job!!

    Had Dylan Wickham come to my school yesterday. Probably by far the best presentation a post-secondary school has ever put on for my program. Doesn't sugarcoat it, tell exactly what they're expectations are, exactly the way it should be. Dylan sparked an interest in several students about their caree…Read More

    JeffJudy Trube-Hale