The Missouri Welding Institute campus has definitely changed over the past 25 years! From where we started with only 13 booths and an enrollment of 34 students in 1994, to utilizing over 80 welding booths and an enrollment of 538 students in 2018.

The physical facility is made up of 25,430 sq. ft. with includes the shop area, pipe fitting laboratory, classroom, library and offices. The shop area consists of 84 AC/DC arc welding machines that are capable of SMAW (stick) and GTAW (Tig or Heliarc).

Additional Training Equipment Includes:

  • 56 Articulated Clean Air Retrieval Arms
  • 4 Superimposed High Frequency Arc Welders
  • 12 Hand Operated Cutting Torches
  • 5 Semi-automatic Plate Cutter and Beveler
  • 12 Grinding stations
  • 8 Pipe Beveling Machines
    •  Guided Bend Testing Machine (destructive testing)
    • Aluminum Spool Gun
    • Plasma Cutting Torch
    • Chop Saw
    • Overhead Projector
    • Library consisting of approximately 120 volumes related to welding, inspection, blueprint reading, etc…
    • Pipe Model 20ft x 20ft x 10ft
    • Bulk Argon System for GTAW