Enrollment Procedures

Prospective students are encouraged to tour the school facilities and visit with a school official. If the applicant is prepared to enroll at that time, an enrollment agreement is prepared, explained and signed. A $100.00 registration fee is then required and shall be applied to the student’s tuition.

Prospective students unable to visit the school are mailed a catalog with a class registration form. This form must be completed and mailed to the school, along with a $100.00 registration fee. When registration form and fee have been received, notification of start date will be finalized. The enrollment agreement shall be explained and signed at the time of the student’s arrival.

Prospective students will be contacted by an admissions representative and encouraged to enroll in school, in the event that the registration form and fee have not been received.

Admission Requirements

Student applicants must be 17 years old or older, with a high school diploma or a General Education Development (GED) certificate. A 17 year old applicant must sign an enrollment agreement form jointly by a parent, guardian or guarantor. An applicant 17 years old or older who does not have a high school diploma or (GED), must have an intensive oral interview with an official of the school.

NOTE: No applicants under the age of 17 will be admitted to this school. Student applicants must have good eyesight, using corrective lenses if necessary. This institution extends training to the handicapped and is designed for the handicapped student. Previous welding experience is not required for most courses offered at this institution. All applicants are required to pay a registration fee when signing an enrollment agreement, which is applied toward program tuition.

All applicants shall be interviewed by a school official. If, in the opinion of the school official conducting the interview, any applicant that would not be able to complete the course or would restrict the progress of other students, admission shall be denied.

All tuition and fees are required on or before start date. Other financing arrangements may be made by contacting our admissions representatives

NOTE: Students shall be admitted to MISSOURI WELDING INSTITUTE, trained and referred to potential employers without regard to race, color, creed, sex, religion or national origin.


An orientation session is scheduled for each incoming class. The purpose of this session is to acquaint students with school policies, training facilities and safety procedures. Students will be notified of their orientation date.

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