What do you generally think of when the topic of welding comes up? Many of us will picture pipeliners crouched over a gas line or iron workers tacking beams in place, but what most of us do not picture is the artist. Make no mistake, welding in itself is an art, and one that takes skill and aptitude to perform. At Missouri Welding Institute, we teach this art form in all of its incarnations. With master welding certifications and custom curriculum, we are one of the premier welding schools in the country. Still not convinced that welding is an art? Let us change your mind.

Welding Is Tough

Think that Leonardo Da Vinci is renowned for his easy paintings and sculptures? Not at all. He is one of the most respected artists in history due to the fact he was innovative and his work was incredibly beautiful, but never easy. Welding can present the same beauty for those who appreciate it as much as the Sistine Chapel can for an art lover. The thing about welding though, is that it is tough. It is not an easy profession to master and that is why certified welders are in such high demand. One of the truly beautiful things about watching a professional welder is how effortless they make it look to those who do not know anything about welding, and therein lies the art.            

Welding is Beautiful

Have you ever stuck your tongue on a nine volt battery? You get a small zap once you complete the circuit. Welding runs on a similar principal, only in order to weld, you must control the completion of the circuit. We already know that welding is difficult, but a true master can create welds that are so beautiful that they could hang in a museum. A weld is a way to join two pieces of metal together, but the way a good welder can do it deserves recognition. Electricity is applied to the work and special metal is added to the arc to add material to the weld. Basically it is melted metal added to hot metal and bonding the parts together. The final product though is far from ordinary. A finished weld is formed of delicate arcs, overlapping one another in a seamless, iridescent line.

Welding is Functional

Unlike many art forms, welding serves a purpose. The functionality of the weld goes hand in hand with the beauty. An ugly weld is a weak weld and should not be trusted. Good welds are not just aesthetically pleasing, but are a maker’s mark of a job well done. A good weld will be stronger than the metal around it, as well as being industrial art.

Want To Become A Welding Artist?

Becoming a certified master welder is not an easy road, but nothing that is worth doing is ever easy. It takes commitment, motivation, confidence, and a positive attitude to attain true artisan status. MWI is the ideal place to begin your journey. Please contact us for more information about our master welding certification program today, and get ready to ascend to artistic greatness. Well maybe not artistic greatness, but you will find a fulfilling and rewarding career.