The welding industry is growing by leaps and bounds every year, and the demand for qualified welders is high. There has never been a better time to break into the welding industry, but it can seem like a goal that is difficult to achieve. At Missouri Welding Institute, we want you to know that reaching your goal of becoming a certified welder is easier than ever. Of course it takes some dedication and hard work, but you are probably used to the daily hustle, so you might as well get paid more for your skills.

You May or May Not Already Weld

Many of the students that enroll in a welding program at MWI already have some sort of welding experience. Now, keep in mind that you do not need any experience to attend MWI, simply a desire to learn. With the diverse backgrounds of our students, many have had the opportunity to learn welding skills, but others may  not have been exposed to the industry at all. Regardless of your present welding skills, whether proficient or non-existent, we provide a setting in which experienced and beginner welders can thrive equally and become proficient together. We have students from all walks of life and of all age groups enrolling in our program. Their reasons for attending welding training are as diverse as their backgrounds. We have those over 40 looking to become involved in the welding industry, and we have students just out of high school, ready to start their new career. No matter how much experience you have with welding, we can give you the tools to succeed.

You Want To Start An Exciting New Career

Maybe you are stuck behind a desk, or slinging cheeseburgers for ungrateful customers; in any case, no matter what you are doing, the welding industry is an excellent choice if you are looking for a rewarding and exciting career. Welders are in high demand, meaning that if you are a certified welder you can find work in almost any location in the world. If you enjoy travel, there are hundreds of welding positions available in every environment imaginable. Of course if you feel like sticking close to home, there is always someone willing to hire a certified welder. There are welders that work in the arctic, on ocean going vessels, in the mountains, and even in space. Okay, maybe welding in space will take some additional training, but if you want it bad enough, nothing is out of reach.


Nobody realizes they need a welder until they need something fixed or built. It is because of this that many large companies will employ welders that they can utilize whenever they need them. Welding as a whole is included in so many industries that it is not difficult to figure out where you want to work.


Manufacturing can take many different forms but if a product is made of metal, chances are there is a welder involved in the process. There are professional welders crafting products of all shapes and sizes, utilizing all disciplines of welding, from TIG specialists to stick. Generally manufacturing welders are paid well and are on a set schedule, making it ideal for those who would like to stay close to home and sleep in their own bed every night.


The bread and butter of welding is fabrication, whether it be in a shop, plant, or in the field. A professional fabricator is generally a highly skilled welder and will make parts, repair metalwork, and even design new attachments for equipment. Some fabricators have even been hired by artists to create large art installments. Fabricators are allowed much more creativity than many welding professions. They will work closely with engineers or operators to make new fixtures and parts for the proper application.

Energy Industry

The number one industry for a welder is energy. This can encompass the oil and gas industry, wind energy, and the ever growing solar industry. A welder in the energy realm can expect to enjoy some travel as many of the jobs are in remote locations. If you enjoy seeing the best that this country has to offer, get a job with an oil and gas company as a pipeline welder. They move fast laying pipelines and are never in the same place for very long. The oil and gas industry as a whole is a microcosm of welding professions. There are manufacturing, fabrication, and pipe welding positions. The energy industry can be extremely lucrative for a welder also and will offer the freedom to move into a different discipline if desired.

Satisfaction Of An Honest Day’s Work

Welding, unlike other professions, grants the practitioner a unique reward, which is satisfaction of a job done right. In our digital age, it is an all too common theme to be disgruntled with your job. The problem as we see it, is that none of these people actually make anything. When you are a welder, you generally work on a project from start to finish, and you can see tangible results when you are ready to call it a day. You can see the welds you put down, and when the project is complete, you can see your metal in use. How many insurance agents can say they built something today? There is just something about making something with your own two hands that instills a sense of satisfaction into a workday.

Welding Training Is The Best Decision You Will Ever Make  

In this day and age where the majority of high school students are planning on college, not as many are considering a profession like welding. The problem with that is the industry needs good welders, but the benefits are not as apparent to those outside of the industry. A good welder can pretty much write their own ticket when it comes to employment. Of course flexibility is a major asset when working your way up in the industry and the willingness to go wherever the work may be can be helpful. Welding helps put food on the table for thousands of families all across this country and Missouri Welding Institute is proud to be a part of training the next generation of industry professionals.         

Ready To Get Started On Your Future?

Hopefully we have given you a bit of encouragement to pursue your dream of becoming a certified welder, or maybe we were able to sway your post high school plans a bit. In any case you will never regret becoming a certified welder, regardless of where life takes you. What if you already have a degree but yearn for a job where you work with your hands? A trade like welding will always be there and is something you can fall back on if things don’t work out. You can even start your own business if you are an entrepreneur and grow your enterprise into a successful venture. Welding is about much more than sticking two (or more) pieces of metal together — it is a lifestyle.

Ready to get started? All you have to do is submit your application and application fee direct to Missouri Welding Institute. We generally recommend a campus visit to make sure that the program and facilities will meet your needs. We understand that not every welding program is a good fit for every student and deciding what would be the best fit for your goals is critical to your personal success. We expect hard work and are proud to turn out welders that apply the values of MWI. If you have any questions about our certified welding programs, the campus, or just would like more information about welding as a career be sure to contact us today. If you are a veteran, we want to help you make this next step as a civilian as seamless as possible. If you are a veteran and are thinking about welding as a career, please contact our admissions representatives for more information.