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Missouri Welding Institutes


For High School Senior’s

High School Division held on January 28, 2021

A total of over $435,000 in prizes to be awarded combined in the High School and Vo-Tech Divisions!


1st Place – Full Master Pipe Welding and Fitting Course Tuition

and Lincoln Ranger 225 Welder and Trophy. 

Total value of $15,168.00 (in lieu of $1000.00 scholarship)

  2nd Place – Half Master Pipe Welding and Fitting Course Tuition, Victor Cutting Torch and Trophy.

Total value of $7,140.00 (in lieu of $1000.00 scholarship)

3rd Place – Quarter Master Pipe Welding and Fitting Course Tuition, Lincoln Viking Auto Darkening Hood and Trophy.

Total value of $3,518.00 (in lieu of $1000.00 scholarship)

4th Place – 4 ½” DeWalt Grinder and Trophy.

Total value of $85.00

5th Place – Pipeliner Hood and Trophy.

Total value of $55.00


6th through 10th Place - Trophy’s. 



All Competitors will receive a Limited Edition MWI Welding Competition Jacket and $1000.00 Scholarship.    



Welding Tests to be Administered



High School Welding Competition


Contestants must know how to read and interpret basic welding symbols and blueprints i.e. other side/arrow side of a welding symbol and how it applies to the placement of the weld beads.  Weld test will require basic welding symbol and blueprint interpretation.  Failure to properly assemble your weld test per the weld symbol and blueprint instructions shall result in disqualification.  Test will have a 90 minute time limit.  Test coupons will be 12” in length.


Weld Test Description

1.)    3F Uphill SMAW (E-7018 1/8”) – 6 beads (stringer) Tee joint must be tacked 90 degrees perpendicular to your welding table.

2.)    3F Uphill SMAW (E-7018 3/32”) – 3 pass (weave) Tee joint must be tacked 90 degrees perpendicular to your welding table. All 3 passes staggered out in top 2” of tee joint to show work.

3.)    2F SMAW (E-7018 1/8”) – 6 beads (stringer) 


Required Tool List

1. Welding Hood

2. Long sleeve shirt or leathers    

3. Jeans

4. Boots (no sneakers or sandals)    

5. Tape Measure

6. Chipping Hammer

7.  Wire Brush

8. Safety Glasses

9. Pliers or Vice Grips

10. Half Round File




High School Competition Sign-Up Information


  All instructors, students, and their parents are invited to attend Missouri Welding Institutes 10th Annual Welding Competition to be held on January 28, 2021.

Registration will take place in the pipefitting laboratory promptly between 7:00am and 8:00am.  

If inclement weather is a factor the make up date will be Feb. 4, 2021.

Students will only be allowed to compete in one competition (vo-tech or high school but not both).


There will be unlimited spots available.

Pre-Registration(s) is open until November 30th, 2020 with a fee of $20.00

Submissions received after the deadline or at the door will be $40.00.


*****NOTE - If a competitor spends 5 or more hours a week in a Vo-Tech or Career Center welding program the competitor is NOT eligible to compete in the high school division. *****


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