Customized Welding Program

NOTE: This course is for Qualified Welders ONLY

Length of Course: 40 – 400 hours

Number of weeks: 1 – 10 weeks

Hours per week: 40

Hourly Course Cost: $28.00

Custom designed course only

Copy of “Custom Designed Course” will be kept in permanent student record file. Grading system shall be the same any other welding course offered.

Course Objectives:

To increase the welding proficiency level based on a “Fit for Purpose” course. This course will be designed to progress the welder above his or her demonstrated ability.

Course Descriptions:

This course may consist of any portion of welding training covered in any other courses offered by this institution. This course will be custom designed by a qualified MWI school official. It will pertain only to the individual needs of the student who already has a background in welding and fitting, and who is seeking to specialize in any areas of training which this school offers.

Welding Processes Performed:

  • SMAW ‑ Shielded Metal Arc Welding (Stick)
  • GMAW ‑ Gas Metal Arc Welding (Mig or Wire)
  • FCAW ‑ Flux Core Arc Welding (Dual or Innershield)
  • GTAW ‑ Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (Tig or Heliarc)