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View of Missouri Welding Institute from the road.

About MWI

Our Philosophy

The Missouri Welding Institute is dedicated to providing its students with a sound occupational education.  We strive to enable students to develop the attitude, knowledge, quality and skills necessary for them to be effective as a person, a family member and a citizen in an era of rapid social change.

Dear Prospective Student:

Your career in welding is my personal concern. I have been involved in the welding profession since 1960. Through the years I have seen and experienced the progress of welding technology first hand in many varied facets of this trade.

Your career as a welding technician gives you many benefits, challenges and opportunities to be self-reliant and maintain job security. Pride in the quality of your craft is a tremendous confidence builder.  A good welder is able to work in many locations across the U.S.A. The higher quality of training you receive plus the motivation from within your heart opens the door of opportunity, but not without hard work.  Plain and simple, you must dedicate every ounce of energy to your craft. Every weld you make affects your reputation and is a reflection of how you perceive the importance in the profession.

You may dream of starting your own business, dream of travel or dream of having a choice as to where you work or for whom you work. I have seen these dreams turn into a reality many, many times. Students I have taught come back and visit me, and their success is apparent just by watching them walk and listening to them talk.

The personal concern I mentioned at the beginning of this letter has been enhanced through the years by the realization that welding as a trade or craft is not enough. You must develop your other qualities as well, such as motivation, positive attitude, work ethic, perseverance, self-reliance and confidence. These attributes are as important to your future goals as quality is to the industry.

Please understand that I have a deep desire to see your success fulfilled and take a great deal of satisfaction in watching it happen.

Come visit the MISSOURI WELDING INSTITUTE and we will be glad to tell you more. The decision to attend must be the right choice for you. It is your life and your decision. Choose it wisely and with care.


Thomas E. Hollands

Thomas E. Hollands


Letter from the Founder

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